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PRfrostbox presents its independent, forward looking Economic Outlook and Business Publication, ‘ Strategic Insights – 2022 ’. PRfrostbox explores key strategies, solutions that can be available to Professional Organisations to remain profitable and COVID secure moving into 2022 / 2023. Aimed at Strategic Decision Makers, CEO's, Investment Banks, Pension Funds, Private Equity Firms, Healthcare Professionals, Economists, Hedge Funds and leaders of E-Commerce.  Answering the big questions with key industry research, reports and analysis from PR Tech Global Ltd, Registered at Great Portland Street, London. 

  • EDUCATION – How the educational sector can adapt and become innovative to offer enhanced learning in pandemics?


  • HEALTH – What actions can healthcare systems take to become COVID resilient?


  • TECHNOLOGY – PRfrostbox web technologies? A new force in Consultancy and Education.


Featuring key Research, CEO Interviews, Journalist Reports and Analysis from Technology focused Consultancy PR Tech Global Ltd, exclusive to PRfrostbox.com. (Available in PDF / Electronic downloadable formats)

(Digital Download / PDF Version - Prepared & Delivered in 2 / 3 Business Days)

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